Saturday, July 28, 2007

Honduras Update

Here's the latest from Michael's team. Please keep in mind one thing I don't like about TMI is the emphasis they place on "decisions for Christ." In the past I’ve gotten the impression the teams are judged either good or bad based on the number of people who make decisions for Christ during the summer. If that were true, my summer in Kenya was a complete failure. We were working hours away from civilization, and we had limited contact with anyone from the Masai tribe. No one professed new faith in Christ while we were there.

However, we built a dormitory so children from all over could come to school and hear of Christ from the missionaries who lived there full-time. I cannot help but think that building has led to countless changed lives.

Anyway, off my soap box and on to Michael’s team update:


20 Decisions for Christ (2007-07-27)
The team is continuing to do well. They are presenting 2 to 3 times a day the gospel of Jesus using puppets and song in both English and Spanish. They also completed some cleanup around the area where we are staying in Las Jasas.

Last night the team presented the Gospel to a group of nine churches and participated in a service held entirely in Spanish. There were 20 decisions for Christ during the morning presentation.

Our team is continuing to see real growth in each other, spiritually and emotionally. They are learning to adjust to each other and work as a team.

Goals and future plans of the team for next week: Continue to present the gospel through various presentations. We will depart on Sunday and return to the base. On Monday we will depart to Copan to give a presentation at the orphanage as well as have time for souvenir shopping and possibly swimming in the Caribbean Sea.