Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update from Michael's Team

Here's the latest news from Michael's team:


Biking For the Lord (2007-07-24)
Our team completed their work project as far as possible. The gardens look really nice and the buildings are shining with their new coats of paint. We painted the Dining Hall building and most of the Tabernacle. The little bit that is left will be easily finished by the staff at the base.

The kids walked for an hour both ways to the local high school in San Isidro and Daniel Feild shared his testimony. We have hiked and done some evangelism.

Yesterday we rode in the truck for five hours to come to Lajas, Comayagua, where we will be doing bicycle evangelism for the next week. We rode about two miles to a local school and did a presentation this morning and had no accidents other than a few minor spills, Praise the Lord! We have been using puppets daily in practice and they were used this morning in the presentation. They are excited to have their bikes at last, after having been in Honduras for two weeks, spending their time as the "Honduras Hike" team. We plan to be biking every day for the next week and doing presentations daily.

The weather is still reminiscent of Boot Camp, warm and rainy. The temperature has been around seventy to eighty degrees Fahrenheit with a daily rain at four or five in the afternoon that lasts for about thirty minutes to a couple of hours.

Praise the Lord we have had no illnesses in the past few days. No accidents, only by the grace of God.

Sounds like things are going well. I am most grateful to hear that the team is staying healthy and there have been no accidents. Praise the Lord!

Again, thanks to everyone who’s been praying for Michael and Amy. Please keep it up! They’ll be home two weeks from today.