Thursday, August 02, 2007

Honduras Update - Finally

Well, Michael's leaders finally posted another update. Dadgum about time...

Anyway, they fly out of Honduras tomorrow morning at 7 am. Amy's team leaves Belize tomorrow at 2 pm. Please join us in praying for safety in the skies, that all the luggage gets to Orlando and going through customs is easy. Thanks.


Getting Ready To Go To Debrief (2007-08-02)
Team is continuing to do well. They have just returned to the base after spending Monday – Wednesday in LaCebiba at the orphanage, sharing a presentation at the local church and enjoying some time at the beach and shopping. Our team is getting ready to return for debrief. There is a mixture of emotion. Many who were originally homesick have settled and want to stay longer. There is such a need here. The team has shared 13 presentations in the last 10 days.