Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Update from Belize

This is from one of the full-time missionaries at the Belize base. I think one thing TMI ought to do is impress upon all leaders and missionaries how important these updates are, and how team members' parents would certainly appreciate very detailed information. This one's a good description of their work. I’d like one detailing how each team member is doing! A Mom can dream…

The picture is of a bougainvillea hedge. I'd never heard of that plant, but it is certainly beautiful. I wonder if Amy will be up for a little yard work when she gets home...

A Word from the Missionaries (2007-08-01)
Along with pouring the sidewalks, the team has been planting bougainvillea on the fence line on the road side of the property. This will one day add privacy and protection for the base, along with beauty. They are also planting hibiscus along the sides of the houses inside the courtyard.

Today, the team will complete the sidewalks that have been previously laid out (a little more than 300 feet!). For the remainder of their work days they will be removing stumps in the courtyard, digging and filling in waterlines, and doing clean-up around the property. The work that the team has done has been a great benefit to the base. They have drastically improved not only the base's looks but also made it much more comfortable for those of us living here. With the completed sidewalks, we will no longer be tromping around in the mud. What a blessing that will be.