Thursday, October 11, 2007

The fourth person voted out of Survivor China is...

Sean is not home from work yet. Survivor starts in fifteen minutes. Thank goodness for microwaves.

Last week the “Christian” was the third survivor voted off, and all I could say was, “Good riddance.” She was a caricature of a Christian, and completely turned off her tribe mates by saying things like, “God wants me to find the Hidden Immunity Idol, I just know it.” Then when she got voted off she said, “Well, He’s decided my time on Survivor is over.”

I hated watching her because I don’t want any of my non-Christian friends to think I’m like that. And her constant God-talk is one of the reasons she got the boot. But the main reason her tribe got rid of her was she had horrible game play. And in Survivor, that is the unpardonable sin.

So a guy named Chicken (who was from Virginia and exhibited all the worst kinds of Southern stereotypes), the pro-wrestler with gargantuan fake boobs and lip rings and the annoying Christian lady are gone. Hopefully now we can get some real game play going.