Sunday, October 21, 2007


My computer woes are over. I am typing this on a brand new laptop. I have extremely mixed emotions about this. Of course, I am thrilled to be using a machine that doesn’t shut down on me or freeze up or simply refuse to turn on for no apparent reason. I am sad because I had grown accustomed to my old laptop and always thought of my uncle when I used it because I bought it from him.

He was willing to help me figure out the problems and did the best he could via email. But after doing what he’d said I did something else on accident (I am still unsure what I did) and the darn thing wouldn’t boot up. I did the F12 button and tried reloading software but to no avail.

I took my laptop to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, figuring I’d own up to my stupidity and simply say, “Please fix this.” The geek said, “No can do. You ruined your hard drive.”

Now, I don’t know how that happened, but I do know when he turned the computer over a screw fell out. When that happened he said, “We sell shiny new ones in the back.”

We didn’t end up buying from Best Buy (turns out, they weren’t) but I did end up replacing my old faithful friend with a new model, a sleek, silver and black wide-screen beauty.

Sean is quite jealous.

The bottom line is I can do lots of things on a computer, but if the thing isn’t running I am completely lost. I am thinking of taking classes on how to fix it because I know computers will always be with us and I might as well figure out how they work. Of course, that sounds like a good idea until I remember my college computer programing class. Instead of 1’s and 0’s, I used X’s and O’s. Amazingly I got an A, but only because the prof liked me.

So I guess I’ll continue just using the thing and when I get stuck, emailing my uncle. Only this time, I’ll do exactly what he says.

I was able to save all my documents and pictures, but failed to export my email addresses before the thing died. So if you have emailed me in the past, would you please shoot me a new email so I can add you to my address book? Thanks!