Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holes everywhere

Holy cow, what a day. Rebecca had her third tooth pulled. I was afraid of a repeat of the first two extractions, and apparently so was the entire dentist's office; when we walked in all the office ladies smiled knowingly, and dipped their heads as if they, collectively, were praying for us.

My Mom’s visiting, so Rebecca asked her to come along. I did not think this was a good move for either of them, and tried to encourage Mom not to come. But Rebecca was insistent that both her mother and grandmother go. What choice did I have?

After the previous visit (when Rebecca had two teeth pulled) went so horribly awry I investigated other options for her to have the third tooth pulled. But the only other option was having her put totally to sleep. I’m the type of mom who doesn’t even want to give Tylenol unless it’s absolutely necessary; the prospect of knocking Rebecca completely out for a ten minute dental procedure didn’t thrill me. So I called our dentist, Dr. Andy, and asked if he could please glop on the numbing gel this time. He said he could, and felt that would make a big difference. Why he didn’t do it last time… no use going there.

When I drove up to the office this morning I felt like a shepherd leading her lamb to slaughter. I had no reason to think this extraction would go any better than the previous. I knew in my head I was doing the right thing but my heart was screaming, “Don’t take your baby in there!”

Rebecca obviously didn’t hear my heart because she hopped right up in the chair and proceeded to open wide. I could not believe the difference. She said the shot hurt but there were no tears at all, and in all of 11 minutes, the tooth was out and we were on our way to buy ice cream to make milk shakes.

I had been praying all morning for the pain to be lessened. I know my Mom was praying; she called my Dad and told him to pray so I know he was praying, too. And I’m pretty sure Rebecca was praying! I am thankful God choose to answer our prayers the way I wanted.

And as promised, when she got all three teeth removed she could get even more holes in her head. We went to Claire’s and Rebecca got her ears pierced. Now, this is the child who does not enjoy pain or pressure of any kind. I was fully prepared to leave the store with neither ear pierced. I was prepared to leave the store with only one ear pierced. And after the right ear was pierced I was pretty sure that was going to happen. But Rebecca took several deep breaths, squeezed all the blood out of my hand and said, “Okay, go,” and got the left one done.

It was definitely a day all about Rebecca. I’m exhausted from it, and everything went smoothly; I can’t even imagine how I’d be feeling right now if things hadn’t gone as well as they did.

This was taken after the right ear was pierced.

And this was taken after the left was done.

The final result.

And this is what boys do in Claire's. They'd already checked out all the cars in the parking lot.