Monday, November 05, 2007

The "S" Word is Back

For the first time this season the "S" word was mentioned in the weather forecast. Reactions varied when I told the kids it might snow tomorrow. Michael was very concerned because I haven't bought him any snow pants. (The ones from last year are entirely too small. I cannot believe how fast this boy is growing.) I tried to explain that even if the weatherman was correct and we did get a few snow showers, the sledding hill would not be opened. He did not believe me.

Rebecca was excited for snow to come because she has a live-in butler. When she wants to play in the snow, she brings me her snow suit, hat, gloves and scarf and begs me to dress her "just right," which translates into to, "Make sure you pull my shirt sleeves down and make sure there are no bumps between my pants and the snow suit." After spending 15 minutes getting dressed, she will bound outside, realize it is much too cold for her little nose, and come running back in the house begging me to take everything off and make her hot chocolate which she will not drink because it is too hot and then will not drink because she let it cool off and is then too cold.

Amy was not happy hearing about the white stuff. "I just want to move back to Atlanta." That was the extent of our conversation. Did I mention she's 11 going on 25? Believe me, she is.

I guess I'm ready for it. Our October was unseasonable warm, so to complain about really chilly weather in November seems wrong. At least we made it this far without snow. I've heard stories of kids up here running around on Halloween with costumes over snow suits. I'm thankful we haven't lived through that.

The exact forecast is: Variable clouds with snow showers that will mix with rain showers later. High 42F. Chance of precip 60%. A slushy accumulation of less than one inch. Winds could occasionally gust over 50 mph. So it's not ten inches, or even two for that matter. I think I can work with less than one inch. It's awfully gracious of God to ease me back into winter like this.

I just have to remember that May will eventually come again, Lord willing.