Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Week in Review

The first snow of the season came and went on Thursday. As I opened the garage door I was greeted by the smallest of flakes swirling around my head. Rebecca bounded out behind me, thrilled to her toes to see snow; Amy sulked out behind her, scowling at Mother Nature. Lovely. Another day begun with a frowning second child. I am ready for her to move past the brooding pre-teen phase...

The snow didn't last long and it didn't stick. I am glad about that. It was fun to see but it reminded me that days of shoveling the driveway and bundling up and being eternally cold are upon us. I honestly don't want to complain because we had such a mild fall; it could have snowed in October but we had lovely weather until last week. Heck, my point of reference must be shifting if I consider 45 degrees in October to be mild.

Sean and I went out last night and it felt like Christmastime in Atlanta. Which made me think I really should get started on my Christmas shopping. Heck, Thanksgiving is only eleven days away, and then Christmas will be here before we know it. About this time of year I always think, "I'll get my shopping done early so I can enjoy the season of my Savior's birth." And four weeks later as I'm frantically driving hither and yon I realize how far down the road to hell I've traveled on my good intentions.

We have a fun day coming up tomorrow; we'll go to church in the morning (love, love, love our new church home), then we'll grab a quick bite to eat before we head over to MSU to hear the Spartan Spectacular. The Spartan Spectacular features the Spartan Marching Band and Drumline, Wind Symphony and Symphony Band, and Sean could not be more excited. I think the kids will enjoy it, too. I'm just wondering how loud the drumline is going to be inside that theater.

The Spectacular is at the Wharton Center, which is where we saw The Adventures of Frog and Toad performed last Wednesday. We were there with nearly every other elementary school child in all of Lansing. It was first come, first serve seating, but they held our home school group until they felt it was big enough to warrant letting us in. Therefore, by the time our group numbered 40, the first 20 rows were full, to which Sean quipped, "Heck, we pay for the schools, then don't use them. Seems we should get the best seats!" I'd settle for vouchers or school choice, but no one's asking me.

It's late, and I suppose I should hit the hay so I'm well-rested for the Spectacular. That word makes me laugh! Spectacular... I can just hear Will Ferrell's Buddy the Elf saying that, like he says, "Francisco." That is a great movie! I think we'll have to pull that out of our Christmas stuff stash and watch it for TTTFFN. That should put me in the motivated-Christmas-shopper mood. And if not, at least we'll be laughing together, hopefully including the 11 year old.