Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's (almost) party time

We’re hosting Sean’s office party here on Saturday. I had hoped the entryway would be painted by then but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Seems every painter in our town is booked until New Year’s. Sean isn’t making me feel too badly about not taking care of this months ago, but I know he’s not pleased.

But I’ve gotten used to our two-tone foyer and, in a queer way, like the look. I haven’t, though, enjoyed explaining to the many folks who have walked through our front door about my failure to plan and my momentary panic half-way up the rented 24 ft. extension ladder. But it looks like I’m going to get to explain it many times over this Saturday night.

I may not have the walls completely painted but I am well ahead of my baking schedule. I’ve never baked much at Christmas, much to the dismay of my sweet husband. His sister, mother and aunt are great Christmas cookie bakers, and when we got married his sister gave me a great cookbook full of wonderful family recipes. This year I finally decided to tackle a few of the Christmas cookie ones and I am quite pleased with the outcome. The pecan bars popped right out of the pan and weren’t too gooey. And the Russian tea cake cookies are just right – not too big, not too dry. I’m going to try the thumbprint cookie and ginger cookie recipes tonight. I’ll never match Sean’s Aunt Laurel’s baking expertise, but at least I’ll have a few cookies that will look like hers.

Most of our shopping is done, thank goodness. is my friend! I got free shipping on all my items – I think free shipping is still being offered. That’s my little contribution to help your in your Christmas shopping.

I still have lots of baking to do and if you could see my house you would not believe I’m supposed to have 30 people over here on Saturday. I’ve always thought I worked best under pressure; the pressure is definitely mounting and I’m afraid hard work will give way to sheer panic. I don’t get hung up on my house being perfectly decorated (obviously – refer to the foyer paragraph above) but I would like to have a clean toilet and some place for folks to sit. If the party were right now people would have to take a broom and sweep all the books and papers and general junk from the countertops, kitchen table and couches before they could even begin to find a chair.

And yet, here I sit, typing away. Pretty sure hard work has given way to denial. Panic can’t be too far behind.