Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Still Snowing

Good thing Sean cleared off the driveway yesterday - he made room for the snow that's been falling since last night. Looks like another inch or two is out there. And, of course, Sean is at work so I have to shovel the drive. I really, really hate shoveling the driveway. And it seems silly to do it now because the snow is still falling, plus the temperature is supposed to get to 40 this weekend... maybe I'll just wait until the sun melts the stuff.

I found this picture on Neal Boortz's website this morning:

It's a great picture of what really happens when the government "provides" welfare. I am all for personal charity; I am not at all for government charity. People don't understand freedom anymore, much less the concept of natural consequences. Of course, that's good news for Hillary, Obama, Edwards and their fellow Democrats.

Actually, the Republicans aren't squeaky clean on this one; President Bush hasn't found a spending bill he hasn't loved, and the only spending increase he vetoed in 2007 was the one raising the spending on poor kids' health care. Don't get me wrong - he should have vetoed it. But he should have vetoed all the other spending increases, too.

Oh, well.

On that happy note, have a great Wednesday.