Tuesday, January 22, 2008

That's a lot of steel (and plastic and rubber)

We made it to the Detroit Auto Show on Sunday. It was an intimate little affair: my little family, 500 shiny new cars, trucks and SUVs and every living, breathing person within a 200 mile radius. Holy cow, was it packed. Beyond packed. We could barely see the cars on display, and there were long waits to sit in the front seat of many of the cars. (Which is kind of like sitting in the front car of a roller coaster to die-hard car show aficionados. Don’t laugh. I live with three of them.)

It was very difficult to get good pictures because of the throngs of people circling each display. Rebecca, for the first time, saw a benefit to being small; she could slither right up to the front of the crowd to see what those of normal stature could not.

We got there around 10. I hate to say it, but by 11:30 I’d seen enough. When we took a break for lunch and the customary, “What car did you like best so far,” question came to me I couldn’t remember a single thing I’d seen. It was a huge blur.

We were back on the convention floor at 1 and by 2:25 Rebecca was done. That was bad news, because Sean’s plan didn’t have us leaving until 4. The Saturn display included several futuristic chairs on display so the kids sat there for a few minutes to recharge their batteries. Then it was on to the Jeep and Dodge displays, where Rebecca, Amy and I found a meagerly padded bench, but it was enough. We sent Michael and Sean on their way with instructions to pick us up when they’d seen everything over that way … all the cars were a big, glossy blur. I didn’t know what they were looking at much less what I’d seen.

Around 3 Sean came back and announced, “We’ll see Honda and be on the way.” I think the girls and I nearly sprinted to the Honda display, where mercifully they also had chairs. Sean and Michael inspected the Hondas, especially the Pilot which will be a direct competitor to the cross-overs being built at Sean’s plant.

We finally got out of there at 3:45, fifteen minutes before schedule. Shocker. We hadn’t been on the road more than ten minutes and each of Sean’s passengers (including the momma) were sound asleep. We were plum worn out.

Here are some pictures of the glorious day...

Sean and Rebecca entering the Ford display

"Gimme an A!"

Here's one of those die-hard front seat sitters...

Here's another one...

"We can't miss a single brochure, especially for the car I build!"

My boys checking out their new treasures.

In front of a new Hyundai.
Rebecca liked this one from China - she said it reminded her of the car in the Richard Scarry books.

More front-seat sitters.

The best part of the Honda dispaly... notice Sean and Michael looking at the car while the girls sit. I took this while sitting in one of the other white chairs. Thank goodness for the comfy Honda chairs! (You have no idea how it pains me to say anything nice about Honda...)
Cute Rebecca!
Amy looking cool, dreaming of the day she gets the keys...
This was one of Michael's favorites, the Camaro Bumblebee from the Transformers movie.
Buick Riviera Concept

Sean and Michael have been going through the brochures so the afterglow is still shining. It was another fun day at the car show, but I must say I am relieved to have a year to rest up for the next one.