Monday, February 04, 2008

Go Eli!

I am so happy the New York Giants beat the Patriots yesterday. I was really cheering for Eli Manning and his teammates to beat those nasty Pats – and that’s just a commentary on Coach Belichick’s cutoff hoodie sweatshirt.

I don’t know much about football; actually, all I know is the goal is to get more points than your opponent. I don’t understand the positions or the strategy or the play-calling. But what I do understand is when a quarterback knocks up his gorgeous girlfriend, then dumps his gorgeous girlfriend for an even more gorgeous girlfriend – well, I understand that when a quarterback does that then I am never, ever going to root for him or his team, no matter what perfect record they may have.

Ever since I found out that Tom Brady got his girlfriend pregnant then left her I have cheered against the Patriots. I realize that cheering did precious little the entire season; after all, they went 16-0 during the regular season, and then won each of their playoff games. But when it counted, when it came to the game that would make or break their season, my cheering, I think, was heard all the way to Arizona and the Giants upset the Pats in grand fashion.

Before anyone chimes in with, “It takes two to tango,” let me say that, yes, I know Brady’s girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, had something to do with the pregnancy. But he’s the one who didn’t step up, marry her and become a real man, a dad.

Speaking of dads, can you imagine how Daddy Manning must have felt? How about Mrs. Manning? Last year their son wins the Super Bowl and becomes the MVP, then a second son repeats the same feat the very next year? What a moment for Momma and Poppa Manning.

Bottom line for this sometime football fan: I don’t really care what you do on the field. In order for me to cheer you on, you better live honorably off the field. That, after all, is what really matters. To me, anyway.