Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pictures From This Week

Well, we are snowed in. My goodness there is a lot of snow out there. It started snowing yesterday around 9 and didn’t stop until midnight. All the schools in the area are closed. That is definitely one big ol’ bummer about home schooling: it’s pretty hard to get snowed out of our school room since it’s just down the hall. The public schools had two snow days yesterday (one day they were delayed for fog) and we did take one of those days off. But today we are working. Michael has already informed me of the injustice of his situation.

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday.

Rebecca and Chloe, who thought it was fun to play in the blizzard, tried building a snowman.

The snow blew so hard it coated the front door.

I took this shot from our front door at 5 pm. On a normal day you can see all the way down our street from this angle.

Snow on the deck.

This is a picture of Michael and two of his buddies, Calvin and Jacob, who were on their way to a Super Bowl party. They all play on the same basketball team. They are each taller than I am. I was unprepared for that to happen quite so soon.

And here is Rebecca with the love of her life, Rascal. This is the most patient, loving hamster ever. She carries it around all day long and completely wears it out. I think he is the first hamster to become non-nocturnal. By the time Rebecca goes to bed, Rascal is so tired from his entire day of (involuntary) playing that he sleeps, too.

It's only Thursday but it's been an eventful week. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. Of course, the weekend will bring a basketball game that Michael is playing in, an MSU game that Michael and Sean are going to watch (thanks to Aunt Jill!), Sean has an organ lesson, Amy is flying to Atlanta to do research for a paper (because, you know, she couldn't possible do the research here where we have computers and internet access – thanks to Nanny!) and we have church Sunday morning and again in the evening where Sean will play piano. Hmm. All of a sudden the weekend isn't looking like the relaxing time I was hoping for. I guess that will happen in about ten years when we’re empty-nesters. Wow. Only ten years? How the heck old am I?

Oh, well.

Happy weekend a day early!