Saturday, June 07, 2008

Always wear your wrist guards

Mother’s intuition is a strange thing. I’m pretty good at listening to mine and when I do, I’m rarely disappointed. When I don’t, well, that’s when my daughter breaks her arm in a freak scooter accident and I don’t take her to the doctor for a week, eliciting this response from said doctor: “Why, exactly, didn’t you take her to get it x-rayed when this happened?”

Like I didn’t already have enough guilt.

Of course I didn’t come up with a reply until, well, now, so here it is: "I had a very good reason for not noticing her broken wrist; I was a little obsessed with all the blood on her other arm, nose and lip. And even though I thought Amy was favoring her right arm a bit she didn’t complain of it hurting, plus all the people around convinced me it wasn’t broken. So there, Ms. MD. Thank you very much."

Her wrist is set in a hot pink cast. I opted to get a waterproof cast lining so she can shower and not worry about getting it wet. Plus, she’s going to camp next week and the waterproof cast means she doesn’t have to miss out on the water activities.

The waterproof cast is going a long way to assuage my guilt, but I’m sure this will just be one more thing Amy can talk about in counseling. The session can be titled: “I broke my arm and Mom didn’t notice!” Ah, good times…