Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Lots going on today… first thing this morning I put Amy on a bus and sent her (with one of her favorite buddies) to camp. She’ll be gone until next Monday. A week is a breeze compared to the five weeks she was gone last summer, but still, I could feel a teeny lump in my throat as I tucked her in last night. Even though having her around these days is, well, trying, not having her around means we are missing an integral part of our family. I do miss her, but I must say it’s been nice to be minus the drama over that last several hours.

After seeing Amy off I raced to the orthodontist’s office because it was finally time for Michael’s braces to come off. Yeah, yeah, yeah! He had to wear them a few months longer than anticipated, so to say he was more than ready to have them off is a major understatement. The orthodontist gave him a mug full of gum and Twizzlers and Starburst and microwave popcorn, all the treats from which he was to abstain. Michael went the full 2 ½ years without chewing a single piece of gum. I was very proud of his willpower and dedication to doing what the doctor asked.

One down, two to go.

Look at those pearly whites!