Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Morning to You, Too

Sean is off this week. Wednesday we’re taking off with our friends Molly, Jeff and their sweet girls; we rented a couple of cottages and we’re looking forward to a long weekend of swimming, biking and, of course, s’mores by the fire. Michael’s just looking forward to building the fire – I think we have a pyromaniac on our hands.

Until then we’ll be working around the house, catching up on a few things. This is generally a good idea, but sometimes Sean forgets that I’m used to being in my house without him for a goodly portion of the day. Basically, from the moment I get up until 6:00 pm I am the master of the house. I get ready by myself, have breakfast by myself (it’s summer; the kids are still asleep) and I go about my business largely by myself. So this morning, when my alarm went off and I rolled out of bed I was unprepared for the peppering of questions that came my way:

“Do you take a shower before Curves?”

“Do you eat breakfast before you leave?”

“When will you be home?”

I really, really tried to be patient because I love to have Sean home. But this morning I was too tired and cranky to be very pleasant. I hit my head taking my nightshirt off and then I tripped putting my pants on (it was not my finest hour). After I poked myself in the eye putting my contact in I heard Sean asking me more questions and I just couldn’t take it. It’s hard enough to put on one of those sports bras when you’re fully awake and concentrating; it's nearly impossible to do so after suffering a near-blinding eye injury while answering questions.

I finally got out of the house, did my time at Curves (still don’t like it) and came home awake enough to realize I had been a bit of a, well, grump to Sean (yes, I really mean the other word that starts with “b” but my Mom reads this sometimes…)

Man, I hate it when I have to apologize before 8 in the morning.