Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How Old?!

As I was drying my hair this morning I heard the morning show guy run down a list of celebrity birthdays. I heard him mention Kevin Bacon which surprised me because usually this talk show host only gives the birthdays of old or dead celebrities (for instance, today he also mentioned two Rockefellers and Billy Eckstine, all three of whom are dead). Then I heard him mention “50.” Through the din of the dryer I hadn’t heard who turned 50. Then Kenny Loggins’ voice rang through the speakers singing the theme song to Footloose and I once again heard Kevin Bacon’s name, only this time the word “50” was attached to it.

Whoa, now. Are you telling me Kevin Bacon is fifty years old? What? Are you kidding me?

Alas, Mr. Footloose himself is, indeed, fifty years old today. How this is possible I do not know because it was just yesterday we were dancing to “Footloose,” “Let’s Hear it for the Boy,” “I’m Free,” and “Almost Paradise.” And by just yesterday I mean 24 years ago. That’s right; Footloose was released in 1984.

I was 14. Which still seems like yesterday, except for the husband and three kids and mortgage and laundry and dirty bathrooms...

Hmm. I guess it was a while ago.

So in honor of Mr. Bacon’s 50th, here’s a little video to take us all back a few years. And I apologize in advance because you’ll be singing this all day long.