Monday, July 28, 2008

I hate electronics

I am angry. I am beyond angry. Actually, angry isn’t even the right word anymore; livid is more appropriate. I cannot get my computer to connect to the Internet. The little boxes in the bottom right corner of my computer tell me I’m connected to our wireless network but every time I try to connect to a website or check my email I get a nastygram that says, “The host '' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly.” I don’t have a clue where my server is much less if I’ve entered the name correctly; when, exactly, am I supposed to have done this?

I’ve unplugged, re-plugged, unplugged and re-plugged again and still nothing. I turned off the power at the power strip and yanked the whole dadgum thing out of the wall and yet one of the black boxes continues to blink its maddening green light at me. My only conclusion is it must be possessed… I am moments away from chucking the whole (bad word bad word bad word) computer out the window.

Is it possible that the only way to work a laptop anymore is to take advanced computer training classes?

Occasionally I play the, “If I won the lottery” game (which would be a trick because I’ve never purchased a lottery ticket, but I digress). If overnight I had several million dollars at my disposal I know the first thing I’d do: hire a hairstylist who’d be on-call 24/7. The next thing: hire a live-in IT guy.

Right now I’m reevaluating the order of my hires…

To heck with the pool boy; give me the Geek Squad.

Obviously I’m back on-line. Turns out Comcast had a massive outage throughout our city, so all the rebooting I knew to do was for naught. But at least I’m up and running now. Ugh