Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I love a strict constructionist

While we’re all consumed with electing a president, judges are running for their seats practically unnoticed. This is not good. Judges influence our lives in more ways than the president ever could.

Since I’m relatively new to the area I don’t have a good handle on the judges who are running for a seat on the bench. Thankfully my friend MG let me know about one judge running: Chief Justice Cliff Taylor who is running to keep his seat on Michigan’s Supreme Court.

His website is a bit slow but what I found there made the wait worthwhile. Chief Justice Taylor’s judicial philosophy is exactly what I want in a judge. In his own word: “Judges have an important but narrow role: to apply the law as written by the Legislature. In other words, a judge has no authority to impose his personal views or pursue his own agenda.”

Hold on, now – did he just say he thinks judges should, gasp, apply the law as written?! How antiquated, how passé. How constitutional.

MG and her husband are hosting a fundraiser for Chief Justice Taylor next week. And knowing MG you can bet this will not be your typical rubber-chicken event. They’ve reserved a river boat and will dance the night away to the sounds of Jimmy Buffet. If you’d like more information on this please call Cathy at 248-366-4276 or send her an email: