Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back home

It's Wednesday morning about 3:22 and our Canadian travels are over; we safely arrived home after a long but good day of flying nearly across the country. We had a non-stop from Vancouver to Atlanta, then we were going to catch a connecting flight to Flint. The flight to Flint was delayed three hours; apparently the FAA had a computer glitch and as a result there were delayed flights and frustrated fliers throughout the concourses. Lots of flights were being cancelled and I was just praying ours wouldn't be because I was ready to be home. Eight days without Sean is about seven too many.

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures I took but I have to figure out where Amy put the camera. I can't really complain that she put it away seeing as it's her camera and I just beg her to use it. Yes, I need to get one of my own, a fact she reminds me of constantly.

Right now I'm trying to stay awake until 4:15 so I can see Sean when he gets up. I'm not sure I'll make it...