Thursday, August 28, 2008

I needed Molly and her camera...

Found the camera but was woefully disappointed in the results. The views were gorgeous but I failed to capture the majesty of the surrounding. Even so, here are a few of my better shots:

This is the view from Aunt Sue and Uncle Johnny's balcony. It looks out on the English Bay and you can see the tip of lush Stanley Park jutting out into the water in front of the mountains.

Our first day there Sue and Johnny took us to Kitsilano Beach where we grilled burgers and played on the rocks.

Rebecca took this interesting picture of the grill. She took over 150 pictures on her own digital camera and I think I can use about seven of them...

We also played a lot of volleyball!

We rode a train from Vancouver to Whistler, site of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The views are amazing! I took these pictures from the train.

I think I mentioned Sue and Johnny live on the 10th floor - well, who could resist throwing something off the balcony?

I held the camera over the balcony railing to get this picture. It made me nauseous to look over. Those little heads are Michael, Rebecca and my Uncle Johnny, instigator of all fun.

That's all for now - it's 1:21 am and I need to go to bed even though my body clock thinks its only 10:21. I have to quit thinking like that... With the schedule we've been keeping we are going to be horribly unprepared to begin school next week!