Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll be baack

(Just pretend Arnold's saying it.)

I got a few emails a week or so ago when I didn't post daily. So sorry about that, but when we were in Atlanta I honestly didn't have a moment to myself to post. And on that note, please know I'll be a bit silent for the next two days as the kids, my mom and I head out to Vancouver. We're going to visit my aunt, uncle, cousin and her husband. It will be a blast and we can't wait to get there, but until then I won't have my computer, thus no posts.

I decided not to take my laptop in an effort to simplify packing and going through the airport. I don't think I'll make this decision again. I'm already experiencing a period of mourning just thinking about being away from it.

Um, that might have been too much information to share...

Anyway, I'll be back soon!