Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mood: Pouty

It's 3:10 here in Vancouver (three hours ahead of EST) and my kids, mom and aunt are at the science center. I'm sitting in my aunt and uncle's guest room just now feeling well enough to be upright. Apparently I'm not as immune to time change issues as I thought.

We got up Tuesday morning at 4:30 after going to bed around 11:30. We were in the plane for five hours and nobody slept a wink. We got to my aunt's at 1 and had lunch, then went to Kitsalano Beach to play and picnic later in the afternoon. We stayed up until 9:30, which was 12:30 to our bodies. (I have a strict policy of not saying, "What time is it really?" when we're traveling because the time is the time where we are! I'm breaking my rule for purposes of explanation only.) That means we'd been up 20 hours with no sleep, no nap, no nothing.

When we finally did go to bed I fell asleep quickly and woke up around 6:30 only to find everyone else asleep. Thank goodness, I thought. They're getting their body clocks on Vancouver time! I went back to sleep for a few moments only to wake up again with a horrible stomach and head ache. I attempted to eat a piece of toast and a banana, thinking I just needed to get something in me. I then, however, proceeded to throw up.

Sean is fond of saying how important routine is to our bodies. I do not think I will mock him the next time it comes up.

I felt much better after that but by them my mom and aunt, both of whom think they are doctors, decided I was in no shape for the science center and they made me stay on the couch.

And that is the reason my people went to the science center without me.

Now all I have to do is convince them I'm better so I won't have to miss out on any more fun.