Friday, August 22, 2008

Mood: Much Better

I am better, thank goodness! We've all been sleeping well, and the kids are totally adjusted to PST, which is great for now but will be problematic when we return to the east coast. I will adopt Scarlett's approach and worry about that tomorrow, or at least on Tuesday.

Today is Amy's 12th birthday and she has enjoyed celebrating it with Aunt Sue, Uncle Johnny, Cousin Amy and Amy's husband Aaron. We went for breatfast at a place that overlooks English Bay, then she, Michael, Rebecca and Johnny went for a spin around Stanley Park. We ended the afternoon back at Kitsilano Beach where we played volleyball and enjoyed some people-watching.

Twelve. That is hard to believe. I guess all parents feel that way and I know I've been around for all 12 years but they do seem to have flown by. Only a few more until she's gone. Some days that sounds good, but most days I'm reminded that my time with her is fleeting and I need to enjoy her presence.

Tomorrow will be another day of sight-seeing and wandering the streets of Vancouver. I don't know if we'll ever get out this way again so I want to make sure we enjoy each moment. But for now, it's time for pizza with the family, then to bed early so we're ready for our full day tomorrow.

Can't wait to get home so I can post the pictures we're taking!