Friday, August 01, 2008

One Wicked Good Night

Oh. My. Word. Guess who we just met! Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Donna Vivino and Myra Lucretia Taylor. Not impressed? You should be because that’s Fiyero, Nessarose, Elphaba and Madame Morrible! Woo Hoo!

Let me start from the beginning of our wonderful Wicked evening: Amy and I met our friend Cindy for dinner then the three of us drove over to the Wharton Center to meet my friend Marty and her three nieces, Emily, Julia and Megan, friends of Amy’s. We got there in plenty of time, found our seats (Row U, center – we had a great view of everything and thankfully no tall people sat in front of us) and enjoyed a fabulous evening of Wicked. I didn’t think it could get any better. I was wrong!

I parked near the stage door again, and this time I figured out how to walk around the parking deck to the stage door. Just as we were scooting around the corner we spotted the Halls talking with a family and signing autographs. Amy and Emily went nuts. I tried to calm them down (which was a switch for me because I have been known to be quite the groupie) and they got their acts together enough to ask for an autograph and pose for a picture.

The Halls were gracious and seemed completely unfazed by the two girls swooning at them. All I could think was, “This must be how my mother felt at all those Amy Grant concerts…”

We then got to meet Vivino, the standby for Elphaba. I couldn’t believe she was the standby – she was phenomenal. Crazy good. She still had a bit of her green face paint smeared at her hairline. The girls thought that was great.

Then came Taylor. She looked nothing like Madame Morrible – I know she wears a wig and outrageous costumes but I thought I’d recognize her a little. No way. She was so short! She seemed pleased that such young girls were interested in the theater, and signed their Playbills willingly.

I’m not sure (and Amy will never tell me), but I think I may have earned some cool Mom points by finding the way to the stage door. I will take those points any time I can get them, even if I’m not supposed to know I have them.

As I tucked Amy in a few minutes ago she was still floating. It was a wonderful night for her and a wonderful night for us. I could us a few more nights like that. But for now, I am content to thank God for graciously giving us a completely conflict-free, fun time together.