Saturday, August 02, 2008

Some peole are just dumb

A simple trip to the pharmacy shouldn’t cause high blood pressure. Seems like a simple enough comment, but today’s trip to my local drug store nearly caused my heart to jump out of my chest.

Sean and I were waiting to pick up my prescription when we heard the woman in front of us say, “Thank goodness for the union pays for my pills. Rick Wagoner makes millions and he wants to cut health care? I could do his job!”

A loud gasp escaped before I could help it and Sean, cool as a cucumber (how did that ever become a saying?) said, “Just let it go.”

I couldn’t; I was steamed. I imagined me sticking my leg out and tripping her as she walked by. When we saw her getting into her car I wanted to run up to the window and ask just exactly what would she do to improve GM other than make ignorant comments to the pharmacist so everyone in the drug store knew she was an imbecile?

Ugh. What a way to start a Saturday.