Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us

I’ve not posted since Wednesday because I’ve been busy getting ready for our anniversary trip. Our 16th wedding anniversary is today and we are celebrating by leaving the kids at home with my Mom (oh, thank you, Mom!!!) and heading west to the Windy City, which I can only imagine will be a major improvement over last year’s anniversary date.

We’re actually in Chicago right now. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Why the heck are you typing on your anniversary trip?” Sean’s taking a quick nap before our wild night on the town (those of you laughing should just stop right now) so I’m taking a moment to check in.

The drive to Chicago was easy; we took the turnpike to South Bend so we could lunch at Chick-fil-A – those nuggets and cole slaw were worth the extra hour on the road.

We’re staying downtown and one side of our room is wall-to-ceiling windows with a view of, well, buildings. But the room’s great, spacious and well-appointed. And Sean had arranged to have an anniversary card and red rose waiting on the bed for me. He’s learned a lot in 16 years…

For all those who’ve asked if we’re seeing Wicked: We have no plans to see Wicked. We may waltz by the theater and put our names in the lottery drawing for tonight, then again for tomorrow’s matinee and maybe on Sunday for its matinee, but other than that we have no plans to see Wicked.

We’re off to for a walking tour of our little area – I can only hope your weekend will be as fun as mine!