Friday, September 26, 2008

Is it Saturday yet?

I’ve always said homeschooling isn’t for everybody. Today I’m pretty sure it’s not for me.

I am four weeks into my fifth year of homeschooling. Over the last few years I’ve had moments when I thought I’d lose my mind, moments when all I wanted to do was throw my children on the school bus and go to lunch all by myself, moments when I was sure I was screwing up my kids into tangled knots even the most seasoned Boy Scout couldn’t untie. Usually those meltdowns came around Thanksgiving and again in March, both just in time for the Turkey Break and Spring Break. So the fact that I’m having a mini-crisis right now at the end of September with no significant break in sight and with the knowledge that Sean will be out of town all next week… well, all that to say the school bus is looking really good right about now.

Domestic Tuesdays got moved to Fridays, so as I type, three bathrooms are being cleaned. Well, three bathrooms are each occupied by a child and a bucket of cleaning supplies. Somewhere along the line the Clorox wipes became the cleaning tool of choice and the scrubbing bubbles and sponge became persona non grata. I’ve explained the, “Touch the counter top and see if it feels smooth. If not, it’s still dirty so you need to spray it with cleaning stuff and use the sponge and wipe it down again” method, to which each child dissolves into the, “I’m trying so hard and it should be perfect!” routine.

A side note: I do not know where my children got it into their precious little heads that everything they do should be perfect the first time they do it. And if not the first time then most certainly by the second. If they are corrected a third time it’s like they’re worthless creatures who will NEVER get anything right. (For the record, they did not get that from me.)

And we haven’t even started school yet.

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

PS: Did anyone else see ER last night? What's with killing off Dr. Pratt in the season opener? The episode was slow with way too many musical montages. The only good thing I saw last night: Dr. Carter's coming back! Woo hoo!