Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On to Stage One again

I showed my stylist the pictures of the haircut I thought I wanted. She jumped on board immediately, nearly falling over herself to reach the scissors, which made me think she’d been dying to really cut my hair for a long time. I got a Glamour magazine from the waiting room, flipped to a picture of hair I’d kill to have and flatly said, “Can my hair ever do this?”

I still had a flicker of hope. A small flicker, but a flicker nonetheless.

“Well, Christy, if you let it grow a lot more, used hot rollers every morning, maybe. But your hair just doesn’t have the texture to hold a curl.”

Oh, that hurt. It is truth I’ve known forever, but just because I’ve known it doesn’t mean I embraced this truth. All I could think was where the heck was this stylist 20 years ago?! If I’d been told this in high school I could have been moving through all my Stage Ones much more rapidly!

As I was sitting in the chair I got a call from my sister: "Don't cut it! Just give it a bit more time!"

Oh, my poor, poor sister. Still in Stage Two. Surly there has to be a support group for us somewhere...

This is the picture from Glamour:
And this is my new cut: