Monday, September 08, 2008

Sorry Danielle and Chris

A sweet family at our church recently had twin girls. There were some complications and the babies have been in the NICU for two weeks. Friends from church have been organizing meals for the family and I eagerly signed up to take dinner over because I remember what it’s like to have a baby; I cannot even imagine what this mom is going through, having two new babies she can’t bring home to join the two precious big sisters who are waiting.

So I took a chicken casserole over this evening. I doubled it so I didn’t have to make two dinners – swell thinking on my part, I thought. Well, we just ate it and I must have left something out; it was not tasty. I won’t say it was bad but it certainly wasn’t good. With each bite all I could think was this poor, exhausted family is eating tasteless chicken casserole… maybe they’re so tired they didn’t notice. At least I also took salad, bread and brownies. Surely the brownies will make up for the lackluster casserole, right?

I should have taken ice cream, too.