Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Buying for Baby

I am surrounded by pregnant ladies. This morning at church I was talking with two friends about the election when a third friend came up and I realized I was the only one whose baby bump didn’t contain a baby.

So there are those three friends, plus four others who have recently had babies and that doesn’t include my cousin in North Carolina who recently gave the family a new little girl to love. In short, I am surrounded by pregnant women or newly non-pregnant women carrying infant seats.

And I’ve been thinking about what makes a good baby gift. I’ve been going through our basement, sorting through the toys to keep and the ones to toss and I’ve realized there are only a few good baby gifts: baby tools that are actually helpful, clothes and books. And as I’ve been searching for a good gift for my cousin’s baby I came across these:
It comes under the category of clothing and they're just so adorable!

And then there’s this pacifier clip: This comes under the “helpful baby tool” heading but it's way cute. You can see more cute stuff here.

As for books, all the Sandra Boynton ones are our favorites, especially Moo, Baa, LaLaLa and Barnyard Dance. Sean and I can both recite each book from memory.

I guess it's a good thing I'm not pregnant... I'm not sure my wallet (or basement) could handle it!