Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh, John, come on!

Other than Huckabee’s strong support for the FairTax, I didn’t like any of the Republican candidates, and if you’d told me six months ago McCain would be the nominee I would laughed hysterically. I’ve gotta be honest: I have never been a McCain fan. Even now I’m only voting for him because I abhor so many of Obama’s plans, especially the ones where he’d like to give my husband’s hard-earned money to people who didn’t get up at 4:15 AM so he could be at work at 5:30 AM and work 12+ hour days. Yeah, those plans burn my biscuits.

But after tonight I think I need to get used to hearing, “President Obama.” McCain had chances to get at Obama, especially on the abortion issue but he just couldn't close the deal. Sure, he had a good line about, “If you wanted to run against George Bush you should have run four years ago.” But one good line does not make up for a horrific campaign, run by a guy who refuses to fight.

The real star this evening? Joe the Plumber. Man, that guy’s going to have 15 minutes of fame. Joe better enjoy it now before Obama decides how to spread ol' Joe’s wealth around.