Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make that two pies

I’ve been working with Rebecca all morning (and by all morning I mean all dadgum morning) on a writing assignment. The assignment was to write a brochure for a familiar spot in your city using a simile and quality adjectives. You would have thought I’d asked her fly to the moon with wings made from leaves.

This should not have been difficult for her because she is a great story-teller. She can flat tell a story, going on and on and on with all kinds of adjectives and interesting happenings. But once she realized this wasn’t just a story for fun but for school she completely froze.

Miraculously I stayed calm and encouraging (to God be the glory!) and she managed to come up with a simile (“The workers are as sweet as the muffins they sell”) and lots of “colorful words” and her brochure for our downtown bakery came out quite nicely. She posted it on pink and green construction paper and wants to show it to the bakery’s owner tomorrow morning.

I should definitely get a cinnamon muffin out of this. Heck, I ought to go for a whole pie. Key lime will do just fine, and according to a great brochure I just read, will make my taste buds super happy!