Monday, October 13, 2008

You say it's your birthday

I’ve never bought into the concept of “soul mates.” It’s always struck me as dangerous; if you believe there’s only one soul mate out there for you, well, what if you missed him? As far as I’m concerned as soon as you’re married you’ve found your soul mate – thankfully I really like mine.

So I don’t believe in romantic soul mates but I do believe in neighbor soul mates, and mine is in a suburb north of Atlanta. There has never been a better neighbor set-up; her three kids are the same ages as mine. I’d watch hers, she’d watch mine and the kids adore each other. And I loved hanging out with her.

Believe me, there have never been two more different girlfriends than Linda and me. Our backgrounds and beliefs are completely different: I’m from Georgia; she’s from New Jersey (I never knew people not in the mob actually lived there). I’m a Christian; she was raised Jewish but claims no faith now. I’m married; she’s divorced (thanks to her very-bad-word-no-good-cheating-ex-more-bad-words-husband). But holy cow can we have a good time together.

Today is her birthday and I’m 800 miles away. I can’t take her to dinner, bake a cake or watch the kids so she has a moment to herself. And I am not happy about that. (I am also not happy that my card will be late because I am apparently unable to send birthday greetings on time – just ask my poor nieces and nephews. Thank goodness for the immediacy of email…)

All I can do is wish her a happy birthday from a land far, far away and hope she knows how much I miss our chats over the back fence.

Happy Birthday, Linda.