Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was feeling ambivalent about Obama’s win last week. I wasn't crazy about McCain but I also wasn't invested in much of the Obama-bashing that was going around the web. And immediately after his win he zeroed in on the auto industry which was quite unlike the current White House occupant who waited seven years to meet with the Big Three execs and did so only after some serious arm-twisting. But then I saw this picture, taken last week at the first meeting of Obama's 17-member economic advisory panel:

See the woman sitting next to Biden? That's Jennifer Granholm, governor of Michigan. Why in the wide, wide world would he select Jennifer Granholm to be an economic advisor? The two-term governor of Michigan has been at the helm as her state slid to a single-state recession with the worst unemployment rate in the country. And that’s who Obama picks for his economic advisor? Are you kidding me?

If this is the caliber of advisors he’s going to surround himself with, then we are in big trouble. Beyond big trouble. Titanic-sized trouble.

So much for hope.