Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bah, humbug

Last Monday I was enjoying the snow. I felt a certain peacefulness, watching the fluffy, white flakes float down and cover our grass. It was so very Christmassy, decking our halls with fake boughs of evergreen while the real stuff outside carried the weight of four inches of fresh snow. Yes, on Monday the snow seemed beautiful and light and airy.

Today, as I was flat on my back at the end of our driveway after slipping on a patch of ice hidden from view by the snow, well, I wasn’t so fond of the stuff.

My backside hurts and my arm smarts and my side aches like there’s no tomorrow and I have decided I am officially over winter. Well, at least over snow. Which, I realize is a major problem because I live in Michigan and it’s only December and I’m looking at at least three more months of the white hazardous material.

I think I’ve become a Snow Scrooge.