Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Say "Cheese"

Molly is a great photographer. She doesn’t believe me yet, but when she’s raking in the big bucks taking pictures of cute babies and family groups on the beach I’ll be there saying I told you so. Well, I hope not right on the beach because I hate sand and there's the whole shark issue, but you get the picture.

She came over on Monday to take some pictures of my kids. I’ve never been very good about getting pictures of my kids done. I religiously did the 6 month, 9 month, 12 month shots but after that it was very hit-or-miss. I have tons of candid shots but very few professional pictures. There’s an empty space above the fireplace and I thought three vertical shots of my three little people would fit nicely, so Molly agreed to come take a few:

There are so many good ones I’ll have a hard time figuring out which ones to print.

She also agreed to take some with Rebecca's pet hamster, Rascle (yes, that is the correct spelling):

What a friend - pictures of my kids and a rodent with a Santa hat. Thanks, Mol!