Monday, December 22, 2008

This is nuts

When we go on trips our modus operandi is I get the kids all packed and we take our suitcases to the car where Sean packs the vehicle. That was the plan for tomorrow as well, but we heard another snow storm was headed our way so we decided to leave this evening. Therefore, instead of TeamPacker I am Packer Queen. Sean’s still at work and I'm trying to get us ready so as soon as he pulls in the driveway we can hop in my car and head out. And I am not happy. Not. Happy.

This is crazy - I am loading the car with wrapped present for our children which I will then haul back here after they've opened them. My pleas to Sean to let us open our presents first and not take them to Georgia have fallen on deaf ears. But now that I am Packer Queen I’m dangerously close to having the kids open their presents right now so I have room for, oh, our suitcases.

I’m no Miss Cleo but I sense a change next year.