Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Made It

The packing was difficult but I managed to put presents for the five of us, four grandparents and five cousins in the car, along with four suitcases and three carry-ons. Two suitcases went on top; if we hadn’t had the car-topper thing two kids would have held suitcases on their laps for 13 hours. My children are excellent car-trippers but that, I fear, would have put them over the edge.

And thankfully we left a day early; sounds like more snow got dumped on our area and getting out would have been difficult. I do not miss the snow. It was so fun to go out this afternoon and play with the toys my nephew got and not have to bundle up and shovel first. We didn’t even need a coat.

Even though I’m glad to have a reprieve from the snow, leaving was difficult this year. This is our fourth Christmas in Michigan but the first one we felt conflicted. We won’t get to go to our church’s Christmas Eve service. The kids’ had to say no to several invitations for fun from their friends. I had to do the same. And as excited as I was to come home, I felt, for the first time, like I was leaving home, too.

This is a good thing I know, but a peculiar feeling to be sure.