Monday, January 19, 2009

Car Show 2009

Today is the highlight of Sean and Michael’s year: they’re going to the Detroit Auto Show. Last night Michael acted like a three year old on Christmas Eve; he couldn’t calm down and must have asked a thousand times, “Now, when are we leaving? How long are we staying?” This morning Sean was walking on air, bouncing around, grinning from ear to ear. The bonus this year is Sean’s dad is here to go with them. And when I see Sean’s dad around cars I know Sean and Michael got their love for cars honestly.

Amy decided she has had enough of car shows and asked (actually told but I’m in a generous mood this morning – probably because she’s still asleep) to skip the show. So I’m home with her. Now, I’m a bit over the whole car show thing, too, seeing as I’ve been to a gazillion car shows in the sixteen years I’ve been married to Sean. I’m not heartbroken about staying home. But I will miss seeing the sheer joy on my boys’ faces when they look at all that shiny sheet metal. Plus, Rebecca seems to be following in the car-loving footsteps of her father; I will miss seeing her trying to keep up with the boys.

I have great plans to get a bunch of cleaning and ironing done (I am living large, my friends, living large) and I know I’ll get caught up in the busyness of my chores. But when they call to tell me what marvelous things they’re seeing a part of me will miss being with them.

I just hope someone takes some pictures with people in them, not just cars…

Everyone was bright-eyed this morning before leaving for the car show.