Saturday, January 31, 2009

Speed Racer

Yea! Rebecca’s car did well in all four races! She won one and came in second the other four – quite an improvement over last year’s derby. She didn’t win one of the top spots but she was thrilled that her car actually finished the race this year. (Two boys whose fathers made no secret of doing the work, won first and second. Hello?! This is a church-sponsored event! Why don’t you tell those dads to cut it out?!)

Her mother, however, nearly lost her sanctification when the creative awards were announced. A car shaped like a Sprite bottle and a sled-car won. Excuse me? A bottle and sled are not cars – they’re a bottle and sled. Sean was beside himself; he only buys Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars that look like stock cars; no flames or fancy dancy stuff on them, so when a bottle and sled won he couldn’t take it. “Those are not cars!” he whispered to me. He already knew I agreed. Yes, we are car snobs.

So, another race is under our belts, thank goodness. I’ll need the year to recover before we tackle this again.

The Sprite "Car"

The Sled "Car"

Okay - I know they are creative but they're not cars. But I'm not bitter... much.