Monday, February 02, 2009

Phooey, Phil

So Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter. Great. But I’m not listening to Phil. I’m going with General Beau Lee, PhD, the groundhog at The Yellow River Game Ranch in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He didn’t see his shadow, thus forecasting an early spring.

Yes, I like Lee’s forecast better but I also believe it - see, he's more in touch with the climate. Read this from the official Gen. Lee website:

“Every year, General Beau Lee, Ph.D. awakens to the ringing of the antique bell outside his "Weathering Heights" mansion, where he lives in touch with the elements year 'round - unlike his pampered counterpart in Pennsylvania who lives in a climate-controlled environment in the town library where he is fed dog food and ice cream. That's why Beau can claim a 94% accuracy rating while the pampered impostor can only manage 85%.”

How ‘bout them apples? Good ol’ Beau has been right more than Phil.

I don’t think I’ll put my coats away any time soon, though.