Monday, February 23, 2009

#9 for Rebecca

When I was little my parents would say time was flying. I did not get it – how could it be? It took forever for Christmas to come, even longer for spring break and it seemed summer would never arrive. Time crawled at a snail’s pace, leaving me an eternity to wait for everything.

Fast-forward a few years and I’m the parent telling my little people how fast the years are flying. I recognize the blank look in their eyes... Some weeks and months seem to go at warp speed, others are supersonic, and when one of my children has a birthday it seems I blinked and missed several years. That’s how I feel today on Rebecca’s 9th birthday.

The five of us spent some time last night remembering the day Rebecca was born. I had a scheduled C-section and had to be at the hospital by 6:30. Nanny, Pops, Grandma and Grandpa brought Michael and Amy to the hospital around 8. Sean and I had presents from the new baby for Michael and Amy in an attempt to win them over to the new addition. Michael cherished the Toy Story Woody doll. Amy used her pretty purple comb and brush to give Pops and Grandpa make-overs in the hospital hallway. And Sean picked Rebecca’s name while I was still seriously doped up after the C-section. (My vote: Anna or Julia.)

Rebecca has been a pure joy, one of those rare kids who oozes love for everyone. Her worst day is a thousand times better than most kids’ best. We have no one to thank but the Lord for blessing her with a sweet countenance and heart that longs to know Him.

She’ll have a horseback riding lesson later today, then Sean will join us and we’ll eat dinner at Cracker Barrel, her favorite restaurant (I’m not entirely sure why, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Michael plays checkers with her while we wait for the food). She’s also going to pick out a new bike – we felt like horrible parents when, a few weeks ago it was spring for 36 hours and Rebecca went out to ride her bike and her knees nearly hit her chin. Of course, with the snow on the sidewalks she won’t be able to ride it just yet but at least she’ll have it in case spring decides to tease us with semi-warm weather anytime soon.

The late-night feedings, diaper changes and terrible twos are long gone from our house. Now we’re dealing with tween/preteen/teen issues; who knew I’d ever look back longingly on a diaper blow-out? There are days I’d much rather clean up a physical mess than deal with the mental ones. It’s been a long time since I bleached a smelly, poopy onesie, so maybe I’m looking back with too much fondness. Of course, with the pace time is going it’s no surprise I’ve forgotten how long those sleepless nights were.

Happy birthday, Rebecca! I love you.

I've always loved this picture.

Michael and Amy with their new sister - Michael

didn't put the Woody doll down for about three years.