Monday, February 16, 2009

Answered in the affirmative

Rebecca was baptized yesterday. We had Michael and Amy baptized as infants but between switching churches and our move the poor third kid got skipped. By the time we were settled here she was five – too old for infant baptism, too young for a profession of faith. So we waited.

Eighteen months ago we found and joined a church in East Lansing and since then we’ve seen Rebecca’s faith in God and love for Jesus soar. And about six months ago she began asking why she wasn’t baptized. So she took the children’s membership class, met with two elders, joined the church and yesterday, was baptized.

The way our church baptizes folks is fabulous. Our pastor, Kevin, calls up the person to be baptized and her family. He then invites anyone from the congregation who has had a part in her life to stand with her as she is baptized. When Kevin called our family up I was fine. But when he called up the second group I saw several good friends come to stand with us and I lost it. I just bawled like a baby. (With every day I turn more and more into my mother. By the time I’m 80 I’ll just schedule some cry time in every day.)

So I’m crying and then I realize I can’t see Rebecca; Michael stood in front of me and I couldn’t get around. I tried to move to the back but the assistant pastor had to be there to hold the water bowl so I just stood behind Michael. During the actual baptism I got confused and thought Kevin was praying so I had my eyes closed (please remember I couldn’t see squat); by the time he said, “Let us pray” I realized I’d missed the entire thing.

Thankfully our friends Keith and Traci took pictures for us so I got a glimpse of what happened:

All the children joining the church yesterday

Kevin baptizing Rebecca with Sean, Michael, Amy and good friends Nick, Carissa and Ben looking on - my parents were behind Amy

Praying for Rebecca after her baptism (I'd stopped crying by this point, thank goodness)

With the birth of each of our children we began pleading with God to call each one to Himself. Yesterday we saw an outward display of that prayer being answered in the affirmative for Rebecca. And for that we are beyond thankful.