Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snow, snow go away

I walked out of my book study group tonight only to find it snowing – again. What is with this snow? Even life-long residents have moaned about the amount of snow we’ve gotten this winter so I know it isn’t just me. December saw the third highest snow accumulation since records have been kept! For crying out loud, I am over it. When I told my dad I was sick to death of the snow, he, ever the optimist, said, “Well, it’s only February.” Great. Thanks, Dad.

However, I do have one new weapon in my arsenal to hold off the cold: a new winter coat! After four winters here I finally bit the bullet and ordered one from Land’s End. I even got a size too big so my sweaters and blazers would fit underneath without being too bunchy. I’m the size of a wooly mammoth in the thing but I’ve never been warmer.

It’s not really practical to wear the coat inside (although there are days I don’t take it off for hours) so I come in, take off the new coat and put on my fleece that served as my winter coat in Atlanta. I feel like Mr. Rogers. All I need to do is change shoes at the same time and you could call me Fred.

Between now and tomorrow afternoon two to four inches of snow are expected. At least I’ll be warm when Michael and I are out there shoveling it off the driveway. When we moved here we looked at a house with a heated driveway. At the time it was the most absurd thing I’d ever heard of. I think about that driveway all the time now.

Only six weeks ‘til April. I think I can make it.