Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What is wrong with these people?

A couple of things caught my eye yesterday as I was surfing the web. First, the pictures of a supposedly plump Jessica Simpson. See for yourself:

I’m thinking I’d give my right arm to look like that. Granted, I’d choose different jeans but if that is fat I can only imagine what the gossip columnists would say about my Mii.

And speaking of the Wii, the next tidbit I found interesting was about my little fitness plan, the Wii Fit. Seems some people claim it doesn’t work. This intrigued me because I’ve found it to be very beneficial. I met my first weight loss goal (don’t get too excited – it was only two pounds) and have been oddly motivated by the little cartoon Fit board talking to me when I sign on.

Forbes Magazine had someone review the Fit game; the reviewer claimed the game didn’t help people lose weight. Was the game's design faulty? Were the exercises lame? No – the reviewer claimed the Wii Fit didn’t work because (drum roll please) people quit using it.

Give me a break.

I am enjoying (I use that word loosely) the Fit. I unlocked the “Free Step” game which means I can step for 30 minutes while watching TV and I’m doing that regularly. Not exactly a raging workout but it’s better than nothing.

Maybe Jessica could try the Fit… I’m pretty sure she’d like the look of her Mii.