Sunday, March 01, 2009

It was (mostly) wonderful

This weekend was a big one for my sister, Heather, and my niece, Megan. For Christmas, Heather gave Megan tickets to see Wicked in New York (hey, Heather – could you talk to Sean next Christmas for me?!) and this was the weekend Megan’s been looking forward to since December 25th. And I’ve been looking forward to it for them!

Christmas morning!
(I just noticed the date on the ticket
says 2/21 - guess that
got changed since they most definitely saw the show on 2/27!)

Unfortunately, all did not go as planned. Megan got the flu last Tuesday, putting their Thursday departure in jeopardy. Then Heather caught a bit of the bug, but both were bound and determined to leave the boys at home and have one short day (or three) in the magical city of New York.

Thankfully Megan was well enough for the plane trip and after spending all of Friday resting in the hotel room she was able to really enjoy the show Friday night. (Even if she didn't feel well going in, all the wonderfulness in the musical would surely cure her! I’m confident hearing Fiyero sing “Dancing Through Life” would cure me of a whole lotta yuck.)

They weren’t able to see the town as much as Heather would have liked – Megan just wasn’t quite up to it. But she saw Wicked, which was the whole point of the trip… I’m beginning to think I should get some kind of cut from ol’ Stephen Schwartz since, on my recommendation, at least 20 tickets have been purchased, not to mention several soundtracks. I’m sure he’ll get right on that.

And on Sunday, after so much of the weekend hadn’t gone quite as planned, Atlanta got two inches of snow and their flight from LGA to ATL was canceled. So they flew into Charleston, rented a car and drove home. Her car is still in Atlanta; Dad’s helping get it back to her, thank goodness. But when I talked to Heather late Sunday night she and Megan had the music cranked and they were, according to Heather, rocking the rental car.

I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Aunt Christy's contribution to the fun - a Galinda Popular shirt.