Friday, March 13, 2009

Paging Dr. Ross stat!

If you recorded last night’s ER and haven’t watched it yet please stop reading now… Okay, you’ve been warned!

I love ER. I’ve watched since the series premiere; it happened quite by accident. I was up with baby Michael, Sean was asleep and I needed something to watch to pass the time. This was before we had cable so my choices were limited and ER seemed interesting so as I paced the living room with a cranky baby I watched Drs. Ross and Green and Lewis and Carter and Benton treat and street. Of course they couldn’t do it without nurses Carol and Chuny and Connie and Haleh. And I instantly fell in love with the cast and the concept.

Over the past 15 storylines have been good and very, very bad, characters have married, had children, died, and through it all I have watched. When Dr. Green died I cried like I knew the guy. Heck, like he was real. When the helicopter fell off the hospital roof and crushed Dr. Romano in the ambulance bay I stared open-mouthed in amazement. When Dr. Carter exited and left Dr. Morris in charge I seriously questioned his judgment. When Nurse Hathaway ran through the airport to get to Dr. Ross, her true love, in Seattle while Don Henley’s “Taking You Home” played in the background I absolutely bawled like a baby. Typing that makes me think I need to get re-evaluate my life a bit… All that to say the show has become a part of my life and I’m so sad it’s going off the air in three weeks.

Last night the storyline involved Neela and Sam flying to Seattle to retrieve organs for the transplant team. Remember who moved to Seattle? Dr. Ross and Nurse Hathaway… when they showed up on the screen last night I actually gasped. (Again, feeling the need to re-evaluate my life.) And then they showed Dr. Ross wearing a wedding ring – he and Carol tied the knot! I was so excited because even in TV land I want the people to get married, especially if they already have twin baby girls…

I know it’s all a story but I was thrilled things worked out for them.

And somehow seeing two of my all-time favorite ER characters again took away the sting of the speeding ticket I’d gotten earlier in the day. Now if only they would pay the ticket for me. Seems like a small favor for such a dedicated viewer. :-)