Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thinking Spring

You’ll see I changed my blog background – I’m in a springy kind of mood. I guess feeling the warmth of the sun last weekend put me over the edge and I don’t think I can take one more moment of cold weather. Which is a real shame since it dadgum freezing right now and the wind is whipping up a storm. It’s so windy there’s a wind advisory. It’s so windy our swing was knocked over as well as our very, very full trash bin. There are, right now, three bags of our trash strewn over the driveway. I’m anxious to see how dedicated our trash men are; will they pick up the trash can and the bags or just empty the stuff in the bin and leave the bags? How’s that for excitement? My life is so full.

Rebecca and I have been working very hard today cleaning her room. Anyone who knows her knows she’s never met a scrap of anything that doesn’t hold some sort of sentimental attachment that must be saved FOREVER. So the fact that I am on my way to Goodwill with seven shopping bags full of stuff from her room is near-miraculous.

I’ve vacuumed and dusted her room but it seems there were several layers of dust; I’ll have to re-vacuum and re-dust several more times to actually see a difference. Stuffed animals are little dust-collecting machines. They look all sweet and innocent sitting in the corner of her room but what they're really doing is storing up massive amounts of dust just waiting for the day I decide to clean at which point they unleash a salvo of dust in an attempt to deter me from my mission. But today I prevailed and can actually see her floor. Victory!

I need to get out more.